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amf is a front-end to mpg123, a UNIX MP3 player. amf is now available for both Linux and Windows.
Current development release:0.6.8
Current stable release:You're joking?

amf is intended to be a home jukebox system, and since is uses mpeg technology, which compresses audio a lot, you dont have to keep changing CD. It also behaves like an unattended DJ box, like they have in several clubs and bars.
I am not about to say "this will revolutionise the way we listen to music in our homes"... but hopefully it will make it better ;-).

I chose to use mpg123 to decode the mp3 because, from what I see, it's the most widely used player, the fastest (uses less cpu), and also it has the functionality needed by amf with very little change to the source. In the future, I may combine an mpg decoder in with the amf source.

By the way: This software is still in the development stage. Although it works alright for me, it may not for you! If you expect fully tested and gaurenteed software, with a nice icon for your point & click desktop, plus other mod-cons, then don't use this.

amf is open source software, released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).